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How to keep the excavator at the best performance?

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How to keep the excavator at the best performance?

Excavator experts said that although the service life of an excavator is disturbed and affected by many factors, the correct maintenance and use guidelines can make the excavator perform better during its use.

A smart investment technique is to combine a high productivity life cycle with a low total cost of ownership, and the return on investment of an excavator is the norm. While the lifespan of an excavator is affected by many variables, there are many variables you can control by choosing the right machine, performing the right maintenance, and following the right operations. Here are some tips to help you use your excavator properly.

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The choice of excavator

A durable excavator equipment can help you achieve high-efficiency results in your daily work. Whether cleaning debris in public environments, digging trenches or carrying out demolition activities, excavators need to be equipped with the right accessories. If you need to work on flat surfaces, then you need to install wheels on the excavator, making it a wheeled excavator rather than a crawler excavator. In addition to this, some important excavator specifications must be considered. The horsepower of the engine, the maximum working weight, the power of the swing arm, the maximum digging depth and the tipping angle, etc. On the other hand, the size of the excavator bucket needs to be matched to the prevailing material density. Powertrain is also a factor that needs to be matched with accessory usage. The hydraulic system must have bidirectional flow accessories and guards.

How to maintain?

The daily maintenance of the excavator is the best way to ensure work efficiency. Don't wait until something goes wrong to remedy it. First of all, all equipment operators must strictly abide by the excavator accessories manufacturer's operation manual for daily inspection. Regular cleaning of the machine is the first condition. Always follow the manufacturer's recommended settings before performing any maintenance.

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Some job sites are extremely dirty and dusty, which requires operators to change filters in the cab and use pre-filters in the engine more frequently. Operators must replace equipment as soon as they are warned of a clogged air filter, so it is best to check regularly to prepare in advance. In addition, the bucket of the excavator is also an item worthy of attention. Component inspection should include hoses, boom and arm cylinders, as well as wear plates, bolted cutting edges/teeth and quick couplings to ensure they are fitted tightly and correctly.

From the time of purchase to the excavator, maintaining the excavator as much as possible for longer life and more efficient productivity has become a required course.

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