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STARKEA LLC supply replacement G.E.T (ground engaging tools) that meet high quality standards.

The finished goods will be repeatly tested before delivering to our customers to make sure that quality standards are done.

We guarantee if the parts break under normal working conditions because of the quality, we promise to replace it all for free.

That’s why we’re confident to do the great job and provide a lifetime warranty against defects.
The products will be placed in the standard and strong wooden pallet or  wooden carton according to different products.

In general, bucket teeth, adapter, protector, side cutter, and overlay end-bit shall be put in wooden boxes. Grader blades and cutting edges will be fixed on the wooden pallet.
We take every project seriously and take great efforts and ensure that each order will be arranged by our professional staff from the beginning to the end.

If they’re ordinary products, we’ll produce against customers’ part number. If the products are special, we will design and test one sample for customer to test and then start bulk production until he confirms. When finish, we’ll use the equipment machines to test its hardness,impact value ect or chemical composition and will make a final test report to the customers. Then, we will do final package and delivery.

Quality control is an active manufacturing. Quality assurance starts the raw materials purchasing to every step of the casting process. We have quality control systems consistent with ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 9001:2008, so the quality can be guaranteed.

We believe only cooperation based on trust can bring a good result. With responsible attitude and professional dedication, We served many customers and received positive feedback.

We aim to be world class, committed to customer satisfaction & to encourage the spirit of leadership among our dedicated team by creating a healthy environment for continuous growth, profit and prosperity.
Metallographic, impact test machine, spectrum analysis instrument, ultrasonic examination facility, universal strength tester, three coordinate measuring machine, x-ray ndt equipment, magnetic particle inspector, etc.
As a professional Metal Casting manufacturer,some items are need to be CNC Machining after Casting from time to time. Therefore, we offer fully range of CNC Machining service to support our casting projects. Every customer enjoy to work with us for the reason that, competitive price,high quality, one stop services for you new projects.
CNC Machining Services
CNC Machining is one of the value-added services that STARKEA foundry can supply after investment casting. We have in-house machining capabilities with excellent machining experience. We provide CNC machining services to offer the following Machined processes :

Lathe Turning    Milling, up to 5 axis CNC    Grinding, surface, OD and ID     Broaching     Wire and die sink EDM    Threading, single point and grind     Drilling, reaming, and tapping    Boring

In investment casting, a wax or suitable polymer pattern is coated by dipping into the refractory material slurry. Once the refractory material coating is hardened then this dipping process is repeated several times to increase the coating thickness and its strength. Once the final coating is hardened the wax is melted out and molten metal is poured into the cavity created by the wax pattern. Once the metal solidifies within the mould, metal casting is removed by breaking the refractory mould. 

Investment casting, also known as lost wax casting, including wax pressure, wax repair, group tree, dip slurry, wax melting, casting metal liquid and post-processing process. Lost wax casting is made of wax to cast parts with wax, wax and then coated with mud, which is mud. Mud dry, add hot water in internal wax melting. The melting end clay mold wax removal and roasting into ceramic mold. Roast at once. When the general mold is made, the sprue is left, and then molten metal is poured from the sprue. After cooling, the required parts are made.
Investment Casting Advantages

 Lost wax casting provides greater design flexibility

 Greater alloy selection to enhance part performance

 Surface finishes 120 to 150 RMS

 Close tolerances ±.005 inch per inch

 Lost wax investment casting results in weight reduction

 Lost wax casting provides near net shape lowers material usage

 Reduce material costs

 Lost wax investment castings reduces expensive machining operations

 Eliminate expensive fabrications and weldments

 Low initial tooling costs

 Economic order quantities ranging from Prototype quantities to Long Production Runs


We are professional casting parts manufacturer & factory in Ningbo, China, where is famous for casting items as a production Zone. We have been offer precision Investment casting service to foreign customer for many year and enjoy good business relation with our customer.

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