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How to prolong the service life of bucket teeth to improve the performance of excavation?

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How to prolong the service life of bucket teeth to improve the performance of excavation?

The excavator can drill into the ground and lift materials which mainly relies on the front bucket teeth, so whether the bucket teeth are accurately maintained determines the efficiency of the excavation process to a certain extent. Part of the excavation work is mainly on hard ore or rock, so the teeth have to withstand not only wear but also constant impact. In order to further extend the life of the bucket teeth and further improve the digging performance, we must understand the following facts and tips.

10-2front bucket teeth

Causes of tooth wear

When the excavator is running, the bucket teeth must be the most in contact with the excavated object. Not only that, but each working face of the bucket teeth will be subject to different pressures. Imagine a scenario where bucket teeth work. When the excavator begins to lower the bucket, the high-frequency speed will cause a strong impact on the tip of the excavator's teeth. If the tooth material does not have sufficient toughness and yield strength, the tooth tips are likely to deform due to stress. On the other hand, the bucket teeth will drill into the ground to cut the excavated object, and the interaction between the two will cause a great squeeze on the surface of the bucket teeth, resulting in strong friction. These steps will result in varying degrees of wear on the bucket teeth. Therefore, the quality of the wear-resistant layer on the surface of the bucket teeth directly affects the service life of the bucket teeth.

How to improve the service life?

At present, there are five main types of bucket teeth, namely rock chisel bucket teeth, flared bucket teeth, tiger teeth bucket teeth, double tiger bucket teeth, and rock penetration bucket teeth. These different types of excavator teeth use welding material to improve wear resistance. In order to further improve the hardness and toughness of the bucket teeth, the composition of the material usually needs to be further optimized. In addition, daily maintenance can prevent the bucket teeth from losing their advantages prematurely in uninterrupted work. The following are the main maintenance methods.

1. Usually the excavator bucket teeth are the most easily worn on both sides, so the middle bucket teeth and the bucket teeth on both sides can be exchanged regularly, which can reduce the number of replacements.

2. When the excavator is used for excavation tasks, it is best to keep the bucket teeth perpendicular to the ground during the lowering process, so as to avoid excessive inclination during the process.

10-3rock chisel bucket teeth

3. If you find that the bucket teeth have worn about 10%, please replace the base as soon as possible. Because the gap between the gear base and the bucket teeth is relatively large, it is easy to cause the bucket teeth to break.

4. The driving method of the excavator also affects the utilization rate of the bucket teeth. When lifting the swing arm, try not to close the bucket of the excavator, which is beneficial to protect the overall coordination of the equipment.

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