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How to select an excavator?

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How to select an excavator?

Due to its strength, mobility and versatility, bucket wheel excavators have always been the preferred machine for construction, mining and forestry industries. In particular, the emergence of hydraulic tilt bucket excavators for earthwork projects to provide an advanced and efficient construction means. There are a few things to consider before buying an excavator.



The performance, reliability and durability of the machine

The main components of engine, hydraulic thumbs, control valve and excavator hydraulic pump parts are very important to guarantee the reliability and durability of the machine. As the power source of the excavator, the engine requires high power and high torque, as well as environmental protection. Therefore, as the power source of the excavator, the world-famous engine manufacturer must be selected, specially designed and manufactured engines for construction machinery; hydraulic pumps, control valves, hydraulic motors and other hydraulic components should be selected as far as possible from the world-famous hydraulic manufacturers, only in this way, the assembly production of the excavator can be durable.


57-2-bucket wheel excavator


Type of the excavator

Bucket chain excavators are the most common type on the market, but wheeled excavators and long-range models are also available. If your workplace has uneven and difficult surfaces (think logging or mining jobs), a carrier roller excavator is probably best. Long-distance excavators are also ideal for these industries, as their super-long booms give operators access to tall trees and vegetation. Finally, the no tail-swing or reduced tail swing excavator is perfect for working around buildings, tight spaces, or area obstacles due to superior flexibility and 360 degree rotation.



Size of the excavator

The size of a machine determines its workload capacity and the type of storage needed to protect the device from damage and possible theft. Compact bucket wheel excavators are the smallest available and range between 1,750 and 6,600 lbs. The compact excavator is suitable for small construction areas, light excavation operations and confined spaces where large excavators may be damaged. Standard excavators typically weigh 22,000 to 88,000 pounds (10 to 40 metric tons) and are best suited for typical excavations where there is no confined space or potential damage to the machine. Large excavators range in size from 88,000 pounds to 155000 pounds (40 to 70 metric tons) and are ideal for the most demanding jobs.



Attachments of the excavator

In general, the working device of an excavator includes a boom, a bucket rod, a tilting mud bucket, and associated cylinders and hydraulic lines. Because the working device of excavator is easy to replace, the working device can be replaced according to different working conditions to meet the needs of various working conditions. For example, the lengthening arm can be selected for the whole working device (both the boom and the bucket bar are lengthened, and the bucket capacity is reduced), thus the digging range of the excavator is increased and it is especially suitable for dredging works in river channels. Dredging can be done from the beach on either side of the channel. The working strength of the mining rock excavator needs to choose reinforced, thickened boom bar to cope with the harsh working conditions. In order to ensure the smooth completion of the project, as far as the bucket is concerned, the standard bucket for general working conditions, the enlarged bucket for soft soil, the rock crusher bucket for rock working conditions and the desilting bucket for desilting can be selected according to the different working conditions.


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