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How to take out the broken lock of the excavator?

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How to take out the broken lock of the excavator?

What to do when the lock in the excavator breaks? Here are 10 methods that you can choose flexibly according to the actual situation.



Methods to take out the broken lock


1. A grinder can be used to smooth the broken hitch lock. Then use a small bit to drill first, and then gradually use a larger bit, the broken travel trailer hitch lock will gradually fall off. After falling off, use the tap of the original size to tap the tooth again, which has the advantage of not increasing the hole diameter.


2. Weld an iron bar on the break in and screw it out. (Disadvantages: A. Too small broken object cannot be welded; B. Very high requirements for welding skills, easy to burn the workpiece; C. The welding place is easy to break, the probability of taking out the broken object is very small.)


3. Pry with a conical tool that is harder than the cut-in. (Disadvantages: A. It is only suitable for brittle broken objects, which are broken and then slowly removed; B.If the broken objects are too deep or too small, they cannot be removed; C. It is easy to damage the original hole.)


4. Make a hexagonal electrode smaller than the diameter of the cut-off object, use the EDM machine to machine a hexagonal counterbore on the cut-off object, and then use the internal hexagonal wrench to screw it out. (Disadvantages: A. Useless for rusty or stuck broken parts; B. Useless for large workpieces; C. Useless for too small broken parts; D. Time consuming and troublesome.)


59-2-hitch lock

5. Directly use the electrode smaller than the cut-off object, and use the EDM machine to punch. (Disadvantages: A. It's useless for large workpieces and can't be put into the EDM workbench; B. It's time-consuming; C. It's easy to accumulate carbon when it's too deep and can't go on.)


6. Using alloy bit to drill (Disadvantages: A. Easy to damage the original hole; B. Useless for hard broken objects; C. Brittle and easy to break alloy bit.)


7. Now there is a portable tool machine designed and manufactured by the principle of electric machining, which can easily and quickly take out the broken master lock receiver lock, broken tap and bit.


8. If the pin key lock is not too hard, you can flatten the end face, and then find the center point. Use the sample punch to drill a little bit, use a small bit to drill first, and then use the trailer tow hitch lock extractor to screw it out reversely.


9. If you can't buy a broken genie smart lock extractor, use a larger drill to continue reaming. When the hole diameter is close to the heavy duty hitch lock, some hitch coupler locks will fall off. Remove the remaining thread teeth, and then use a tap to trim them again.


10. If the broken thread of the rv hitch lock is exposed, or the requirements of the broken pin tumbler lock are not strict, or the hand saw can be used to saw, the blade gap can be sawed, even the shell can be sawed, and then the flat blade screwdriver can be used to remove it.



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