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Influence of undercarriage design

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Influence of undercarriage design

The undercarriage design of track loader has great influence on the working mode of the machine, so it is necessary to have a full understanding of the case dozer undercarriage parts to improve the production efficiency of the machine.



Rigid-mounted or suspended undercarriage system


Rigid-mounted undercarriage and suspension undercarriage systems have their own advantages and disadvantages, which should be selected according to different requirements. Rigid-mounted undercarriage system does not have enough space, so the bumping of the machine will make the materials lift out of the caterpillar excavator buckets, which will cause certain wear on the track, front wheel and undercarriage frame, and also have some influence on the operator. Many excavator undercarriage parts suppliers will install suspension seats on the basis of rigid undercarriage design, so as to reduce the impact of bumping on the operator. The suspension undercarriage system has enough space, so it can absorb most of the vibration, which not only improves the comfort of operators, but also reduces the loss of materials and the wear of construction machine spare parts. The suspension system includes single-layer suspension system and advanced double-layer suspension system, which not only improves the comfort, increases the contact with the ground, but also improves the traction force.



Open or closed? 


The loader undercarriage system has open and closed designs, which affect the maintenance of the undercarriage system. The closed undercarriage design can protect the undercarriage components, but on the other hand, the sundries entering the international 500 dozer undercarriage will accelerate the wear of the undercarriage, while the open undercarriage design is easier to clean and improves the service life of the components.


37-3-front idler excavator 

Track derailment


Undercarriage design also has a certain influence on track derailment. Many undercarriage parts suppliers will make some track lugs on the inner edge or outer circle of bogie wheels, which can reduce the risk of track derailment. There are also some other factors that affect track derailment, such as the number of wheels, the contact surface between track and ground, the track style and the type of track tensioner, etc.



Drive system components


The heavy machinery parts of the drive system mainly include an outer drive sprocket and an inner drive sprocket. The steel teeth of the external drive sprocket will be embedded in the track, and can only pass through one or two sprocket teeth at a time, which will shorten the life of the track to a certain extent, and leads to the replacement of the whole sprocket when replacing the mini excavator teeth. The internal drive sprocket has a flexible all-rubber track design, and there is no direct wear between the roller and the track roller. After a long time of use, if a few rollers are worn, only the sleeve needs to be replaced, and the internal drive sprocket also has a sealed bogie wheel.



Bogie wheels


Bogie wheels will have an impact on performance on some soft ground. If there are more track contact points, the weight of the front idler excavator will be evenly dispersed, which can better adapt to different ground conditions.


Therefore, we must pay attention to the undercarriage design of compact track loader. Different excavator undercarriage parts designs have different comfort, performance and efficiency, so we should make appropriate choices according to different needs.


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