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What are mini excavators usually used for?

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What are mini excavators usually used for?

Large excavator equipment on construction sites is often a behemoth of more than 30,000 pounds, and they can meet the digging capacity required during construction. But there are always daily excavation tasks in life, and these large excavator equipment are not suitable for such scenarios. On the contrary, although the size of small excavators is not comparable to the equipment on the site, but their versatility is not comparable to large excavators.

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Small excavators are often referred to as compact excavators, and generally perform well in daily landscaping, small digging trenches and other projects. In addition to the standard excavator buckets and blades, these excavators can be configured with a variety of attachments to accomplish a variety of content. The versatile mini excavator has a powerful hydraulic system that can perform a variety of functions. On the other hand, due to their small size, mini excavators do not exert a strong squeeze on the road they pass through. Their compact size allows them to maneuver in hard-to-reach places for full-size excavators, backhoes and even skid steers.

Mini excavators have single-arm operation and swing compactly, so they can work in very small spaces. This type of excavator can be equipped with tracks or wheels, the former can work reliably in muddy ground conditions. So what are the specific uses of small excavations?

1. Small excavators can be used to install outdoor swimming pools. These excavators are the perfect tool for excavating groundwater. The maneuverability and power of this machine, combined with precise handling, make it a top choice for residential earthmoving.

2. Repairing sewers is also one of the important projects of mini excavators. The operator can use small excavator bucket teeth to drill into the ground and move the soil during the repair process, and fill the excavated soil into the corresponding position. After repairs are completed, they can be used to level the ground using accessories such as a dozer blade.

3. Landscape engineering such as tree transplanting is also the work object of small excavators. They can quickly dig tree holes to the desired depth, and then transplant vegetation into them. Thumb-type excavator teeth also come into play if stumps need to be excavated.

4. In some places, drilling of drainage facilities is required, and such tasks are usually handed over to mini excavators.

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How to choose excavator accessories?

Accessories for mini excavators range from a variety of blades and buckets to augers, compaction plates, hydraulic hammers and rippers. Each attachment has its own unique function. When choosing this type of excavator, it is necessary to communicate with the excavator attachment supplier to obtain the most correct attachment configuration. A mini excavator may look like a toy when sitting next to a full-size excavator, but it becomes a workhorse on many projects. Visit our website to browse our accessories for mini excavators.


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