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What are the differences between a rigid mounting undercarriage system and a suspended undercarriage system?

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What are the differences between a rigid mounting undercarriage system and a suspended undercarriage system?

Operators of crawler loaders need to thoroughly inspect the interior and surroundings of the equipment during daily maintenance, but the most important thing is the inspection of the excavator undercarriage parts. The reason why the crawler loader can work in a variety of road conditions is because it has a powerful undercarriage system. The excavator undercarriage system affects working speed, user comfort and overall maintenance costs. Therefore, choosing the right dozer undercarriage parts can improve production efficiency. Nowadays, there are two main installation methods for landing gear, rigid installation (also called fixed installation) and suspension installation. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages, customers can choose according to the actual application and the required comfort. There are also some manufacturers that have produced a combination or variant of the two, giving customers more choices.



Rigid mounting undercarriage system


Rigid mounting skid steer undercarriage systems are simple in design and have fewer moving parts. This type of machine tends to cost less than suspended systems. And because the rigid mounting rubber track undercarriage system has almost no suspension, it will cause materials to fall from the bucket in the event of a collision, and wear parts such as crawlers, front wheels and undercarriage frame, shortening the service life of the machine. At the same time, the vibration effect caused by the collision will be transmitted to the operator through the entire machine, which will bring discomfort to the operator and increase the fatigue of the operator in the long run. In order to reduce the adverse impact on the operator, some rigid frame undercarriage manufacturers provide suspension seats, which will absorb some impact. Although these seats improve operator comfort, they do not prevent material loss or component wear. Other designs include connecting bogie wheels to high-strength leaf springs, allowing each wheel to bend and absorb vibration. This provides more comfort than the standard rigid design, but not as good as a full suspension system.


36-2-excavator undercarriage parts 

Suspension undercarriage system


The suspended heavy equipment undercarriage system can absorb most of the vibration before it reaches the operator or accessories. This means less material loss and wear. This is where the full suspension digger undercarriage system is superior to the rigidly mounted undercarriage system. The full-suspension system of the loader can be faster on rough terrain, thereby increasing productivity.


Various changes to the heavy equipment undercarriage parts provide different levels of performance. The single-layer suspension system includes a torsion shaft and standard bogie wheels, providing a basically horizontal suspension. The most advanced option is a two-layer system, which features an independent torsion axis between the undercarriage system and the machine, and bogie wheels that bend with the track. This combination minimizes machine and operator vibration, improves comfort and driving quality, while maximizing ground contact. The bilevel system also improves traction by keeping more tracks on the ground.



Loader suspension


Loader suspension, or driving control, reduces material loss in a rigid frame undercarriage. The working principle of the system is to use the accumulator as a shock absorber in the hoisting circuit of the loader to help keep the material in the excavator buckets. However, travel control does not help much with machine collisions and operator comfort. The ride control system can also be combined with some full suspension systems to achieve the best of both worlds: minimum spillage and maximum operator comfort in loading and handling applications.



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