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What are the differences between used, refurbished and rebuilt motor graders?

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 What are the differences between used, refurbished and rebuilt motor graders?

Box graders are the main machinery used for shaping and leveling operations in earthwork, and are widely used for large-area ground leveling operations such as highways and airports. They can be carried out individually or in combination. The grader scraper is a high-speed, high-efficiency, high-precision and multi-purpose earth-moving engineering machine. It can complete large-scale ground leveling, trenching, slope scraping, bulldozing, snow discharging, loosening, compaction, cloth, mixing, installation assistance and wasteland reclamation in large areas such as highways and farmland. In production, if funds are limited, we can buy used, refurbished, and rebuilt skid steer graders. But do you know the difference between the three?



Rebuilt grader


The rebuilt skid steer box grader is to test and rebuild from scratch after completely dismantling the newly purchased motor grader. Therefore, the rebuilt 3 point grader is also called the redesigned motor grader. All parts of the motor grader have been tested and replaced if they are not applicable and engineering software is upgraded. Finally, the frame of the atv box grader was completely overhauled, and then painted. The rebuild of the grader is complete.


The rebuilt grader has the best performance and reliability, and the cost is very low. Because it is a new machine, it has a long service life. Compared with used motor graders and refurbished motor graders, the purchase risk of rebuilding motor graders is very low, and there is also after-sales support and warranty.


70-2-skid steer grader


Used grader


There is no qualification certificate and repair period for used land pride graders. Some second-hand motor graders are not original, but modified. If the machine fails or is damaged immediately after purchase, or if certain components suddenly fail due to wear and tear, the seller will not be responsible. You can only contact the maintenance department on your own, and you need to purchase the parts that need to be replaced. There are also used land plane grader scrapers sold by sellers that are responsible for after-sales maintenance, which reduces the risk of purchase to a certain extent. If you are lucky enough to buy a machine that has a short use time and is well maintained, then there is no need to worry about the need for overhaul and replacement of parts.



Refurbished motor grader


The refurbished 3 point hitch grader is to repair the old motor grader and then resell it. The repair includes: replacing damaged parts or replacing parts and components that are severely worn, and repainting the paint on the surface of the grader to solve obvious defects. The advantage of the refurbished motor grader is that although the level best box grader itself is not covered by the warranty, the replacement parts usually have the warranty. Repairs may extend the life of related components, but usually do not extend the life of the machine. Parts that have not been repaired or replaced will fail in future construction. In addition, the generator of the refurbished motor grader will be generally not repaired, which is also a hidden danger. The advantage of a refurbished motor grader is that it is safer than buying a used motor grader and will cost less than a new machine.


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