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What is the difference between an excavator and a backhoe?

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What is the difference between an excavator and a backhoe?

There are always various large or small construction equipment on the construction site, among which the excavator and the backhoe are absolutely unavailable. To some extent they perform many similar tasks, but the other two have distinct differences and advantages. Correctly recognizing the different functions of these two types of equipment can further help the construction to proceed more smoothly, while also saving unnecessary expenses.

7-2Backhoe vs. Excavator

How to understand the excavator?

Excavators have very powerful functions and can be used for various projects such as excavation, mining, crushing and dredging of river channels. Excavators can be mini excavators, standard excavators and large excavators according to the weight class. The control center of the excavator at the construction site can be rotated 360 degrees, and it can complete various angles of excavation and dumping on the basis of a fixed chassis. Most excavators are crawler-type, which can smoothly pass through muddy ground and some difficult terrain. If it is for level ground or very hard ground, wheeled excavators are more ideal.

Not all excavators need to be equipped with buckets, and many times these accessories need to be replaced according to the actual situation. For example, a bucket can be replaced with a grapple for demolition work, or an auger for digging fences, or a crushing tip for penetrating rock formations.

What is a backhoe used for?

Compared to excavators, backhoes are much smaller and therefore more portable to operate. Similar to an excavator, a backhoe also has a swing arm and bucket. On the basis of this type of accessories, there will also be a loader in the front section of the backhoe, because it is called a backhoe loader. The average backhoe can dig to a depth of 12 to 16 feet, and their outriggers provide good stability on uneven surfaces.

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How to make a choice?

Given that both types of equipment can do a lot of similar work, choosing the right equipment for your construction project requires a lot more detail. The first is to clarify the scale of construction. Large industrial sites are definitely the main working places for excavators. Conversely, small farms or construction sites require a backhoe to complete the task. In addition to this, consider a mini excavator for smaller construction sites, its size and maneuverability allow it to perform tasks that these two types of equipment cannot.

Excavators have more power than backhoes, especially for digging and demolition. Use them for the heaviest tasks. Use a backhoe for medium jobs and a mini excavator for small jobs. On the other hand, if your construction requirements require moving the machine from one location to another, the excavator can only be transported on a trailer, while the backhoe can drive itself to the designated location.

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