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What raw materials are used for excavator bucket components?

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What raw materials are used for excavator bucket components?

Have you really understood the structure and components of the excavator bucket? What are they made of? Today we will talk about the raw materials contained in the main parts of the excavator bucket teeth, cutting knives, shells and pins.

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Excavator pins

Excavator pins are generally chromium steel products, because chromium has the function of improving corrosion resistance and hardening, so it can improve strength. In the case of AISI 4130, the first number is the grade of steel, the second number is the percentage of alloying elements, and the last two numbers are the percentage of carbon concentration, which is 0.3 percent carbon concentration. Most of the steel in the excavator pin is heat treated, so that the surface can form a hardening effect, and further improve the wear resistance. On the other hand, the inside of steel is very tough.

Bucket Cutter

The bucket sides and blade are made from AR steel plate, which also comes in different grades. AR360 and AR400 are the two most common choices. The former is an alloy steel with a medium carbon concentration and can exhibit excellent wear resistance after heat treatment. The AR400 is also heat treated, but it has more bending strength.

Excavator housing

The outer shell is generally made of high-strength, low-alloy steel with vanadium in it, a substance that ensures the toughness of the steel. This type of material is the best choice for an enclosure because the finished product has a lot of strength without being very heavy.

Excavator bucket teeth

Excavator bucket teeth are definitely one of the most interesting parts of excavator equipment. In order to figure out what material it is made of, we first need to understand two manufacturing methods. The first method is called casting, and the cast teeth are made of low-alloy steel, in which molybdenum helps increase the strength of the steel, and another element, nickel, increases the toughness of the steel. At the same time reduce the possibility of corrosion. The second method is forging, which is also made of heat-treated alloy steel, but the type of steel is different.

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All in all, different parts on the excavator have different raw materials, but these raw materials are basically steel or iron products. As a professional excavator accessories manufacturer, we will be your best partner. We have excavator bucket teeth for sale from small excavators to excavators on major construction sites, each of which can be customized to your needs, and we provide various professional certificates to support our expertise. If you have related excavator or loader accessories needs, please contact us immediately, we look forward to becoming your important supplier.


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