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What types of bulldozer blades are there?

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What types of bulldozer blades are there?

The grader scraper is a kind of earth-moving machinery capable of excavating, transporting and discharging rock and soil. It has a wide range of uses in open-pit mines. For example, it is used for construction of dumping yard, leveling of automobile dumping yard, accumulation of scattered ore rock, leveling of work flats and construction sites, etc. It is not only used for auxiliary work, but also for main mining work. For example: stripping and mining of placer deposits, hauling and boosting of scrapers and rock ploughs.



1. The structure of the blade


The front end of the tractor frame is an articulated ball, which is connected to the front end of the front frame, and the rear end is fixed with a rotating ring. It is connected to the front frame of the grader through a lifting cylinder and a swing frame. The 3 point grader blade is connected to the rotating ring and is rotating. Driven by the driving device, the land pride grader blade is driven to rotate. The side shift cylinder on the back of the replacement grader blade pushes the blade to slide sideways along the slide rail. The cutting angle adjustment cylinder can change the shovel angle of the blade. Therefore, the grader blade can perform movements such as lifting, tilting, side shifting, leading out and 360° rotation, and its position can be adjusted in a larger range to meet the requirements of the grader leveling, cutting, side soil moving, roadbed forming, and other operations.


68-3-grader scraper 

2. The type of blade


1). Straight Blades

The arc and side plates of common scrape blade for tractor are very small, this is called a straight tilting shovel. This grader blade for excavator can adjust the up, down and inclination angle, has good flexibility, greater cutting force and leveling ability. It is suitable for relatively hard materials such as sand, gravel and hard soil. Straight type blades are used for bulldozing and general land clearing. This blade is also used for fine leveling. Long and wide blades are not suitable for pushing materials over long distances.


2). U-shaped blades

The U-shaped hydraulic grader blade has a relatively large arc and side plates, which is easy to hold materials and has a higher production efficiency. It is suitable for loose, low-density materials, and can be used for light-load, large earthwork and long-distance bulldozing operations. The frontier grader blades of these bulldozers are taller, slightly curved, and have large splash guards at each end of the blade to prevent material from overflowing during prolonged pushing.


3). Half U-shaped blades

From the appearance of this drag blade for tractor, the arc and the side plates are larger than the straight tilting blade, but smaller than the U-shaped blade. This kind of bucket is called a half U-shaped blade. It combines the cutting and leveling capabilities of the straight tipping shovel, and the large earthwork capability of the U-shaped blade, and is suitable for operation requirements in a variety of working conditions.


4) Angle blades

The angle road grader blades can be adjusted in the front and rear directions at two local positions of 0-25 degrees, which has a good angle cutting ability. Angle blades are suitable for slope repair or final leveling operation. It is an ideal choice for digging drainage ditches, making straw piles, and filling ditches for road leveling.


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