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Why and how to replace bucket teeth?

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Why and how to replace bucket teeth?

Excavator bucket teeth are arguably one of the most easily worn parts of excavator equipment because they bear the brunt of all construction operations. Since the bucket teeth are generally pointed, the force area is small when excavating, so it is very easy to damage. The quality of the bucket teeth directly determines the efficiency of the excavator's working process, so it is the most cost-effective way to replace the bucket teeth regularly instead of allowing the bucket teeth to gradually wear out.

Professional excavator drivers generally replace the bucket teeth of the excavator by themselves, so mastering the replacement skills correctly and proficiently can make them more professional. Below we will describe how to replace worn bucket teeth with new replacements in a few major steps.

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Select accessories based on tooth type

According to different scenarios and applications, there are currently three main types of bucket teeth. The chisel tooth type excavator can generally excavate sand or other materials in the sandy ground. This type of bucket tooth is matched with a bucket with a large bucket mouth area and has a large stacking surface. Rock teeth, as its name suggests, are used exclusively for mining ores and other hard rocks. The tiger tooth type bucket teeth are used to penetrate the rock layer with less hardness, and can obtain a large impact force in a short time.

Determine how to install the bucket teeth

There are two installation methods in all, namely the top pin type and the side pin type. The former refers to vertical installation, the latter refers to horizontal installation. In other words, the ejector pin type is easier to operate and easy to disassemble, but because the ejector pin is subject to the frontal extrusion pressure of the material, it is easy to fall off. On the other hand, although the operability space of the side pin type is small, it can withstand greater digging force, and is generally used for excavators of more than 20 tons.

Correctly judge the quality of bucket teeth

Different machining methods result in completely different tooth qualities. The bucket teeth manufactured by forging and casting are of the best quality and the cost is also very high, so generally this type of bucket teeth will be used in earthmoving projects, because the frequency and demand for replacing bucket teeth in such projects are small, and the bucket teeth are also very expensive. The life of the teeth and the manufacturing process are leading. The quality of the bucket teeth manufactured by precision casting is in the middle position, and the price is also very moderate. The wear resistance and quality of some precision cast teeth are even higher than forged teeth due to composition. Finally, there are the bucket teeth of the sand casting mold. The craftsmanship and quality of these bucket teeth are relatively poor, so they are not recommended.

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Specific replacement method

First of all, the bucket teeth of the excavator should be placed in a suitable horizontal position to ensure that they are in a safe and stable environment and not to be knocked down. Next use a professional removal tool to remove the worn teeth by knocking out the sharp pins from the side with the retainer. Remember to properly clean the dirt residue on the excavator adapter before installing the new bucket teeth. Remember to strike with a large hammer during installation to ensure full insertion. Then repeat the above steps to ensure all teeth are securely inserted into the excavator.


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