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How to keep the grader blade sharp?

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How to keep the grader blade sharp?

Tractor mounted graders are basically used to level or smooth a certain area. They have a long wheelbase and can span short-term depressions or bumps. The grader is an earth-moving machine that uses a scraper to level the ground. The scraper is installed between the front and rear axles of the machine and can lift, tilt, rotate and extend. The action is flexible and accurate, the operation is convenient, and the leveling site has high precision. It is suitable for constructing roadbeds and roads, building side slopes, digging side ditches, mixing road mixtures, sweeping snow, pushing loose materials, and carrying out soil roads and maintaining gravel roads.



The importance of keeping the grader blade sharp

We all know that the work efficiency of a grader depends on its grader blade. The shovel is the most expensive and time-consuming part to replace. Therefore, the operator must be extra careful when operating the tractor grader blade. If our operators use severely worn 4 ft tractor grader blades or dull blades to cut materials or pierce certain substances, they must increase the impact force. The consequence of this is that the remaining parts of the motor grader are also under pressure, which will cause damage to the parts or shorten the service life. At the same time, worn woods grader blades reduce the efficiency of the motor grader, increase fuel costs, and increase tire wear. The loss to the enterprise is immeasurable.


 67-2-grader blade



Tips for keeping the blade sharp of the grader

1. Maintaining the sharpness of the motor grader blade requires an excellent operator. They rely on professional knowledge and experience to operate machines safely and know how to reduce unnecessary wear and tear. Another important point is that the scraper must be positioned correctly and the driving speed must be slow and steady. These are also the best ways to avoid rear grader blade wear.


2. During the working process of the grader, the traveling speed is also an important factor related to pilot wear. During the leveling process, the operator should operate slowly and smoothly. The best speed should be controlled at 10 kilometers per hour, and the maximum cannot exceed 16 kilometers per hour.


3. When operating the grader, some operators may tilt the scraper forward in order to be able to see the used grader blade. This is a wrong operation, which will blunt the edge of the blade prematurely and reduce work efficiency. A good operator will keep the top of the tufline grader blade slightly forward of the cutting edge and only tilt forward when the job requires it.


4. In order to prevent unnecessary wear of the three point hitch grader blade, the operator should periodically change the angle of the blade. If something like handling, mixing, spreading or sorting materials, the blade should be tilted back to reduce unnecessary wear.


5. It is worth remembering that even with the most skilled operators, the tip of the motor grader will wear out and will eventually have to be replaced. The blade should be checked regularly. If there are signs of excessive wear or bending, or missing bolts, replace it.



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