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What factors should be considered when choosing excavator blades?

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What factors should be considered when choosing excavator blades?

The first thing to consider is the road conditions

The most important factor that needs to be considered in choosing what kind of tractor grader blade is the road condition that needs to be leveled. Whether the road needs to be constructed is busy and whether the road often has potholes. If it is a pavement that often needs maintenance, we should choose a grader blade for sale (cut edge) to cut into the depth of the pavement and re-pave, instead of simply leveling the pavement.


The thickness and durability of the serrated or toothed motor grader cutting edge determines that this 4 ft tractor grader blade is more suitable for cutting on the road. The thinnest/sharpest and most durable scrape blade for tractor is suitable for use on roads and often has defects that need to be eliminated. Flat-edged 3pl grader blades are suitable for road maintenance rather than thorough road repairs. The flat edge of a flat-edged blade is sharp and durable, which is very important.


Road water content

If the material of the road section to be constructed has high water content, it is easier to repair. The hydraulic grader blade will easily penetrate into potholes or raised pavement materials. This is because the water plays a role of lubrication, which makes the blade easier to cut and reduces the difficulty of construction. However, one thing to pay attention to when construction under wet conditions is that the cut material may agglomerate or gather on the blade, and the construction is interrupted to clean the material and the blade. In this case, it is necessary to choose a grader blade with teeth or serrations, which will break the material when cutting the road.


69-3-tractor grader blade


Reasonable selection of blades according to working hours

During construction, we must choose the appropriate tufline grader blade according to the number of roads that need to be repaired to maximize benefits and avoid waste. The wear life of the cutting edge design varies. The amount of long-lasting motor grader blades must be higher. We must first estimate the length of time it will take to repair the road section before selecting the appropriate compact tractor grader blade. If your workload is always full, then consider the product with the longest service life. The initial cost may be more expensive, but the long service life and good performance will bring you good benefits.


Selected several blades at the same time for multiple tasks

During the construction process, sometimes it is necessary to cut and repair the road, and there is a need for daily maintenance of the road. Few three point linkage grader blades can meet these two tasks at the same time. Most cutting edges are designed to operate under specific conditions. It never hurts to have several different blade styles on hand. In this way, in actual work, we can choose what kind of heavy duty grader blades according to the needs, which saves time for construction and improves efficiency. We recommend finding a blade for cutting and repairing roads. Then find another spare motor grader blade for road maintenance.


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